Corporate  Social Responsibility

We firmly believe in giving back to society. We provide scholarships to bright students. We also support specific human health initiatives, wetlands conservation, community-managed spring protection programmes, among others. We will support the establishment of a Western Kenya Women and Human Rights Development Centre to cater for crucial needs of women and girls’ empowerment initiatives in that region.

What people  are saying about us

  • We have worked in partnership with Euro Africa Consult Ltd on a variety of projects since 2009. These include; Mid-term review of the Regional Initiative in Support of Pastoralists and Agro-Pastoralists (RISPA) in the Horn of Africa in 2014, Development of FAO Water Supply Training Manual Development in 2015, among others. Euro Africa Consult has been effective in delivering project results, we are confident in them.
  • We have worked extensively Euro Africa Consult Ltd on a variety of projects since 1998 including; Food security; ASAL development, Drought mitigation and management, Rural development, Institutional capacity building, among others. The work undertaken has always been done professionally to a high standard and the collaboration on projects has been effective in delivering results. We recommend Euro Africa Consult Ltd.

    Eng. Mike Thomas

    DIRECTOR, Rural Focus Ltd
  • PACIDA is satisfied with the capacity of Euro Africa Consult Ltd. with respect to the quality of the outputs and the calibre of consultants deployed to undertake the work. Our donors such as BMZ and Caritas Germany have praised the work undertaken by the company, particularly the rigour in analysis; teasing out lessons learned; understanding of drought resilience in the Horn of Africa and the high quality of its reports.
  • IUCN was satisfied with the quality of the outputs from this consultancy assignment. The consultants conducted themselves in a professional and objective manner, treating communities, beneficiaries and other stakeholders with dignity and respect.
    I would recommend Euro Africa Consult Ltd. for any consultancy assignment in their sectors of specialization (food security, ASAL livelihoods and drought resilience), especially in the Horn of Africa/IGAD member countries in which the company seems to have significant experience.