Client: Solidarites International

Assignment date: June- November 2015

Project: Baseline Food Security and Livelihoods Survey Study for Solidarites International in Marsabit County

Description: The Company carried out a baseline livelihoods study for the Support to Horn of Africa Resilience (SHARE) project implemented by Solidarites International and funded by the European Union Delegation in Nairobi, Kenya. The assignment involved working with communities in targeted locations and with different stakeholders, including relevant county government departments in Marsabit County, to provide an M+E framework based on results-based management and to align the project to the EU’s SHARE program inKenya, alongside the Ending Drought Emergency (EDE) program indicators in Kenya and the Marsabit CountyCIDP.

Scope of Work: The assignment was undertaken by four consultants and involved a Community Based Resilience Assessment (CoBRA) exercise with communities; a Household Economy Analysis (HEA) survey across 369 households; a stakeholder perception survey and a SHARE, EDE, CIDP project integration assessment, all of which resulted in benchmarks and M+E reporting structures and instruments for the Project.

Client: IGAD

Assignment date: Aug. 2015 – Dec. 2015

Project: IGAD Goat Value Chains Study in NE Kenya

Description: Euro Africa Consult Ltd. and Fair &Sustainable Advisory Services BV of the Netherlands were contracted by IGAD headquarters in Djibouti to undertake a goat’s value chain study and its importance household economies in the pastoral and agro-pastoral areas of Mandera, Wajir and Garissa counties of NE Region of Kenya.

Scope of Work: The assignment included 6 consultants. The consultants, plus a total of 24 data enumerators were deployed to collect data through stakeholder consultations and a survey of 1200 households. The assignment brought out interesting ideas on youth and women empowerment in goat value chain development as well as underscoring the need to address pastoral livelihoods risk management such as drought, conflict, disease, inadequate water and market volatility risks to enable vulnerable households to rebuild their herds in order to engage in livestock markets. Devolution of resources and decision-making to the counties is beginning to have positive effects but governance and accountability have not significantly changed. Pastoral and agro-pastoralists have not seen improved service delivery in extension and animal healthcare services. Focus in livestock marketing in pastoral areas should not be on developing international livestock export markets due to low benefits for the poor.

Client: Caritas Germany and PACIDA

Assignment date: December 2019 – April 2020:

Project: End of Project Evaluation of a BMZ-funded Project (19 days)

Description: The project was to build drought resilience and adaptive capacity of Arid and Semi-Arid (ASAL) communities through improved food security, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), animal health and husbandry methods, while strengthening local government and community structures to support sustainability of project outcomes.

Scope of Work: The objective of the evaluation was to assess the impact of the project by comparing baseline survey indicators and those indicators at end of the project. Attribution of impact and lessons learned were assessed and the OECD/DAC criteria of project relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, coherence with other projects, lessons learned, etc. was the methodological framework used.

Client: Solidarites International

Assignment date: April- May 2015

Project: Mid-term review of the DFID-funded Community Resilience Project of Solidarites International in Marsabit County of Northern Kenya

Description: The Company undertook the mid-term review of a Community Drought Resilience Project in Marsabit County funded by DFID and implemented by Solidarities International. The objective of the assignment was to assess progress in implementation and the integration of the project into the resilience agenda in the county and in Kenya’s ASALs as part of the EDE and SHARE programs.

Scope of Work: The mid-term review also provided suggestions for improved project steering e.g. the need to establish a Project Steering Committee to provide advice and policy direction as well as linkage to other stakeholders.

Client: World Food Programme

Assignment date: April-June 2014

Project: World Food Programme- Kenya PRRO Study

Description: Euro Africa Consult Ltd. won the contract to carry out a World Food Program study on graduating food aid household beneficiaries from household food insecurity to household food security. The Company designed the methodology and executed the assignment with outputs used by the WFP-IFAD-FAO partnership to design a much larger resilience program that links food secure households from the relief program to commercial farming and Value Chain Development in 6 counties of Makueni, Tharaka Nithi, Kitui, Kwale, Kilifi and Taita Taveta Counties of Kenya.

Assignment date: Feb. – March 2014

Project: Review of Food Security & Drought Management Coordination Structures in Kenya

Description: One consultant from the Company joined up with another from the UK to review Drought Management and Food Security Coordination Structures in Kenya (Under Acacia Consultants Ltd.) in order to align them to the changed operational context in Kenya following the promulgation of the New Constitution in 2010 and significant policy, legal and institutional reforms in the country, as well as the reorganization of the government set up in May 2013.

Client: Swiss Development Cooperation

Assignment date: April – May 2014

Project: Swiss Development Cooperation Project Evaluation in Garissa and Isiolo Counties

Description: Euro Africa Consult Ltd. provided one consultant to team up with another from the Netherlands to review the Swiss Development Cooperation-supported Water for Livestock project in Isiolo and Garissa counties in northern Kenya.

Scope of Work: The project aimed at improved rangeland and natural resource management and to support pastoral and agro-pastoral households to have more water for livestock and human use but in a way that is conflict sensitive; no harm to the environment; improving natural resource use and enabling better water and natural resource management by communities. Several water technologies had been tried by ADESO and the Kenya Red Cross Society & IUCN, the main implementing partners of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

Client: EU Delegation

Assignment date: Jan. – Feb. 2014

Project: Feasibility Study for an EU-funded water and roads infrastructure development project in the ASALs of Northern Kenya

Description: The Company provided a consultant to a two-person consultancy team hired by the EU Delegation in Nairobi, Kenya to undertake a feasibility study for supporting a 15m euro project under the Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE) Pillar 2 programme.

Scope of Work: The assignment included designing the methodology, agreeing on the counties to visit, formulate the methodology, collect data, prepare a fiche report, facilitate a stakeholders’ workshop and prepare the final report.

Client: American Friends Service Committee

Assignment date: Oct-Nov. 2012

Project: Evaluation for American Friends Service Committee

Description: One consultant from Euro Africa Development Consultants (a precursor to the current Company), undertook an end of project evaluation of the emergency support program for vulnerable households and individuals in the Daadab refugee camps in northern Kenya funded by the American Friends Service Committee and targeting nearly 200,000 Somali refugees from the influx following the Horn of Africa drought crisis.

Scope of Work: The Project had various components including cash transfer to the most vulnerable families as well as targeting those with special needs such as physical impairment.

Client: Oxfam

Assignment date: July -Aug. 2012

Project: Oxfam’s Post-Drought Needs Assessment for Northern Kenya

Description: One consultant from Euro Africa Development Consultants (a precursor to the current Company), undertook a drought impact assessment on northern Kenya following the poor performance of the April-June 2012 rains in order to determine the fragility of livelihoods and the potential for sustained recovery from the crisis of 2010-11 in the Horn of Africa.

Client: IDDRSI

Assignment date: May – June 2012

Project: Preparation of Kenya Country Programme Paper for IDDRSI

Description: One consultant from Euro Africa Development Consultants (a precursor to the current Company), joined a team of 5 other consultants to prepare the Kenya Country Programme Paper (CPP). Each of the 7 IGAD-member countries prepared its own CPP, which were later used in the preparation of the IDDRSI Programme Framework.

Scope of Work: The consultant from our company prepared the Institutional Development component within the CPP for Kenya. This was under USAID funding through ILRI.

Client: DFID-Kenya

Assignment date: Jan – March 2012

Project: Disaster Risk Management Review for DFID-Kenya Programme

Description: Review and assess the status of disaster risk management in Kenya on behalf of DFID-Kenya and make recommendations aimed at more proactive management of disasters, particularly emanating from drought-related crises, instead of the reactive approach the government of Kenya seemed to be relying on


Assignment date: Dec. 2011 – January 2012

Project: CORDAID Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction

Description: Evaluation of Community-based Disaster Risk Response approach and methodology and its benefits as implemented by five CORDAID-supported NGOs in Moyale, Marsabit, Turkana and Samburu districts

Client: Oxfam

Assignment date: August 2011

Project: Oxfam Evaluation of the Drought Management Initiatives (DMI) project

Description: Evaluation  of  DMI-supported  water  infrastructure  development  project  implemented  by  Oxfam  and Partners in Turkana and North Pokot districts.

Client: Concern Universal Kenya

Assignment date: April 2011

Description: Developed a Strategic Plan for Concern Universal Kenya (NGO)

Client: WEAEP

Assignment date: Feb-March 2011

Project: Mid Term Review

Description: Facilitated Women and Girls Empowerment Project in Western Kenya’s (WEAEP) Strategic Planning Process and subsequent Strategic plan

Assignment date: Feb 2011

Project: Research study into violence against women and girls in Western Kenya

Client: Oxfam

Assignment date: January 2011

Project: Environmental Impact Assessment

Description: Environmental Impact Assessment of DMI-funded projects implemented by Oxfam and Partners in Turkana and North Pokot districts

Client: Woman Kind Kenya

Assignment date: September 2010

Description: Developed a Strategic Plan for Woman Kind Kenya (NGO in Garissa)

Client: Oxfam GB

Assignment date: September 2010

Project: Assessment of Community-based Drought Contingency Planning

Description: Assessment of Community-based Drought Contingency Planning in the Water & Sanitation Sector in Wajir County – Oxfam GB Country Office

Client: Concern Worldwide

Assignment date: Aug 2010

Project: Livestock Emergency Guidelines & Standards Training of Trainers

Description: Concern Worldwide Kenya Office – Livestock Emergency Guidelines & Standards Training of Trainers in Moyale Kenya

Client: FAO Kenya

Assignment date: January-October 2010

Project: Livestock marketing study

Description: Livestock marketing study for Kenya under an FAO Kenya Country Office Contract

Client: FAO Kenya

Assignment date: October 2009

Project: Community-Based Animal Health Service Delivery

Description: FAO Kenya Office: A review of community-based animal health service delivery systems in Kenya

Assignment date: July 2010

Project: Mid-term Review

Description: Mid-term Review of WEAEP’s Women and Girls Empowerment Project in Western Kenya

Client: VSF-Belgium

Assignment date: June 2009

Project: improving Community Response to Disasters in Northern Kenya

Description: Under a VSF-Belgium contract, undertook a study on improving Community Response to Disasters in Greater Marsabit and Wajir Districts of Northern Kenya

Client: WEAEP

Assignment date: July 2009

Project: Mid-term Review

Description: Snapshot Review of WEAEP’s Women and Girls Empowerment Project in Western Kenya

Client: FAO Kenya

Assignment date: May-July 2009

Project: Review Emergency Water

Description: FAO Kenya study to review Emergency Water Trucking during droughts in the ASALs of Kenya

Assignment date: March 2009

Description: Support to the Ministry of Special Programs in the Office of the President in Kenya to formulate a national disaster management policy

Client: COMIC Relief

Assignment date: April 2009

Project: EPAG Livelihood Program Evaluation

Description: Undertaken EPAG Livelihood Program Evaluation funded by COMIC Relief

Client: PACIDA

Assignment date: March – April 2018

Project: Institutional & Organizational Assessment of PACIDA

Description: The Company provided four consultants to undertake an institution and organization capacity assessment of PACIDA, an NGO working in Kenya and Ethiopia, with multiple-donor funding for humanitarian and development work.

Scope of Work: The objective of this assessment was to look at the of PACIDA in terms of governance, structure, project management and implementation, financial and resource mobilization, staffing, organization and management of various departments and the impact of its projects and programmes over a 6 year period, 2012- 2017.

Client: IUCN

Assignment date: January – February 2018

Project: End of Project Evaluation of IUCN’s Project in Kenya and Uganda (Phase 2)

Description: The Company was contracted to carry out an end of Project Evaluation of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s “Building Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Communities in the ASALs of Kenya and Uganda River Catchment areas”.

Scope of Work: Part of the evaluation, which used OECD/DAC criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, strategic fit with other programmes and to draw out lessons, was to develop a Concept Note for the third phase of the programme to be funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and other development partners.

Client: IGAD

Assignment date: Dec. 2015- Feb 2016

Project: Preparation of IGAD’s Regional Policy Framework for Disaster Contingency Planning

Description: This was a 30-day assignment funded by the World Bank and implemented under IGAD’s Centre for Pastoralism and Livestock Development (ICPALD) in Nairobi. It involved reviewing existing literature at national level in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, coupled with strategic field visits in those countries as well as stakeholder consultations for purposes of developing a framework for IGAD’s regional policy and strategic framework for disaster/drought contingency planning and cross-border programming. The work also involved convening and facilitating a regional workshop and preparing the complete policy and strategic action documents for ICPALD and IGAD’s development partners and stakeholders.

Client: IGAD

Assignment date: January – April 2016

Project: Mid Term Review of IGAD’s IDDRSI programme Framework and achievements

Description: Euro Africa Consult Ltd. provided two consultants to a six-person team (two IGAD officials and four independent consultants) to carry out the mid-term review of IDDRSI, looking at framework achievements, challenges and lessons learned and making recommendations for the remaining period under Phase 1 of the Programme.

Scope of Work: The team visited Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and Uganda. Euro Africa Consult Ltd. staff led and facilitated a huge stakeholder feedback workshop in Nairobi (more than 100 IDDRSI stakeholders) from the 7 countries and made a power point presentation with very positive feedback from the participants.

Client: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in The Hague)

Assignment date: September-October 2014

Project: Gender and Livestock Study

Description: The company provided one consultant to team up with another consultant from the Netherlands to undertake a scoping study for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in The Hague) with a view to establishing the potential for the Dutch Government to support pastoralist women in livestock value chains in the Horn of Africa covering Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

Client: VSF-Suisse

Assignment date: Aug. & September 2014

Project: Institutional and Programmatic Assessment

Description: The Company provided two consultants to be part of an institutional and programmatic assessment of VSF-Suisse to determine its suitability as a partner of the Swedish Development Cooperation in the Horn of Africa Region.

Scope of Work: This assignment assessed the internal and external environment of the organization focusing on its viability and strategic positioning in the Horn of Africa.

Client: Swiss Development Cooperation; ECHO and the European Union

Assignment date: Jan-Feb 2014

Project: Impact Assessment for an IGAD Regional Project (RISPA)

Description: Euro Africa Consult Ltd. provided two consultants to undertake an impact assessment of FAO-IGAD’s Regional Initiative in Support of Pastoralists and Agro-Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa (RISPA) Project.

Scope of Work: This was a 3-year project funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation; ECHO and the European Union and aimed at supporting pastoral policy; resilience; food security; capacity building; regional policy harmonization as well as working with community groups; traditional institutions; government departments and International NGOs in six countries – Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia.

Client: AuSAID

Assignment date: March 2009

Description: Under AuSAID contract provided technical and program advisory services in the water and sanitation sectors for NGOs implementing the APAC Program in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Malawi


Assignment date: Nov 08-January 09

Description: Undertaken a stakeholder analysis for a proposed CORDAID-funded Regional Pastoral Program for Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania