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What we do

The services we provide under this sector include:
1. Livelihoods and food & nutrition security assessments;
2. Designing and evaluating WaSH projects/programmes;
3. Identification, planning & designing livelihoods and food security projects and programs;
4. Providing project/programme management and advisory services;
5. Providing business development services in the productive sectors;
6. Providing monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment services.
Our services under Human Capacity & Social Development include:
1. Providing capacity building and training services in the seven sectors we work in;
2. Designing and supporting implementation of functional adult literacy projects and programs;
3. Promoting and acquisition of apprenticeship skills;
4. Supporting formal and informal education through education planning, policy formulation and implementation;
5. Documenting, packaging and disseminating lessons, knowledge and technology transfer and exchange.
6. Supporting the promotion of gender equity in development and in sharing benefits;
7. Facilitating group formation, positive group dynamics, management and viability;
8. Promoting positive social capital formation, improved group relations and common interest among group members;
9. Facilitating improvement of participatory development and management skills at local levels;
10. Designing and evaluating social protection programmes e.g. in cash transfers/voucher schemes, etc.
11. Designing socio-economic empowerment projects, particularly integrating the youth and women;
12. Integrating health, education and nutrition aspects in social development projects;
Contributing to initiatives aimed at improved provision of basic services in education, health, water and infrastructure, among others
Our involvement in supporting provision of basic service provision as part of socio-economic development includes:
1. Undertaking participatory community and stakeholder needs assessments;
2. Designing projects/Programmes and preparing their proposals for funding;
3. Providing management and advisory services in the implementation of humanitarian and development projects/Programmes;
4. Carrying out monitoring; evaluation and participatory impact assessments;
5. Capturing, documenting, packaging and disseminating lessons learned and good practices from development and humanitarian projects/programmes;
6. Providing strategic planning services at all levels;
7. Strengthening the demand side of service provision through training in local advocacy, lobbying and campaigning skills;
8. Strengthening local analytical and planning skills and empowering communities through capacity development;
9. Undertaking relevant policy analysis, research and formulation as well as facilitating implementation.
Our services in this sector include:
1. Strengthening community-based natural resource management and governance systems through community training in the ASALs;
2. Executing activities aimed at promoting ecosystem health in the productive sectors at all levels;
3. Facilitating natural resource-based conflict resolution and management initiatives;
4. Promoting environmental management and conservation through support to policy formulation and advocacy;
5. Designing and evaluating Climate Smart and environmentally sound Projects/Programs;
6. Carrying out environmental impacts assessments
Our services in disaster risk management and resilience building include:
1. Disaster risk assessment and profiling at all levels;
2. Hazard mapping and establishment of early warning systems and monitoring climate-related hazards;
3. Contingency planning and scenario development for timely and effective response;
4. Establishment of viable emergency-related and disaster response contingency funding instruments;
5. Supporting the setting up of disaster risk management institutions and strengthening organizational capacity;
6. Providing Disaster Risk Cycle Management support services.
Our services in this sector include:
1. Assessment of small-scale businesses to determine financial and economic sustainability and providing expertise to development capacities;
2. Supporting Community Based Income Generating Activities and Initiatives through identification of viable models and training IGA groups e.g. in developing business proposals;
3. Supporting and designing IGAs that utilize innovate and appropriate technologies focusing on agriculture and livestock development initiatives;
4. Providing M+E services for small business enterprises in the rural ASAL areas;
5. Designing businesses based on the Market Support Development (MSD) Approach
1. Designing and implementing participatory Institutional & Organizational Capacity Assessments;
2. Coaching and Mentoring Services for Organizational Effectiveness and Development;
3. Provision of organizational structure audits and Value for Money Audits;
4. Carrying out policy research; policy formulation and support to policy implementation through lobbying and advocacy services