The services we provide under this sector include:

  1. Livelihoods and food & nutrition security assessments;
  2. Designing and evaluating WaSH projects/programmes;
  3. Identification, planning & designing livelihoods and food security projects and programs;
  4. Providing project/programme management and advisory services;
  5. Supporting diversification of livelihood strategies through innovative approaches;
  6. Providing monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment services.

Our services in disaster risk management and resilience building include:

  • Disaster risk assessment and profiling at all levels;
  • Hazard mapping and establishment of early warning systems and monitoring climate-related hazards;
  • Contingency planning and scenario development for timely and effective response;
  • Establishment of viable emergency-related and disaster response contingency funding instruments;
  • Supporting the setting up of disaster risk management institutions and strengthening organizational capacity;
  • Providing Disaster Risk Cycle Management support services
  • Carrying out environmental impacts assessments

Our services under Human Capacity include:

  1. Integrating health, education and nutrition aspects as part of human capacity development;
  2. Providing capacity building and training services in the seven sectors we work in;
  3. Designing and supporting implementation of functional adult literacy programs;
  4. Promoting and supporting apprenticeship skills development;
  5. Supporting formal and informal education through education planning, policy formulation and implementation;
  6. Documenting, packaging and disseminating lessons, knowledge and technology transfer and exchange.

Irrigation and Water Provision as part of Social Development

  • Supporting proposals that promote gender equity in programming and in sharing development benefits;
  • Supporting rights-based programming; democracy; participatory governance and inclusion of marginalized groups;
  • Facilitating group formation and development, cohesion, management and viability;
  • Support targeting of youth, both girls and boys, in socio-economic empowerment;
  • Designing socio-economic empowerment projects that target women;
  • Designing and evaluating social protection programmes e.g. in cash transfers/voucher schemes, etc.

Our services in this sector include:

  • Strengthening community-based natural resource management and governance systems through community training;
  • Supporting activities aimed at promoting ecosystem health in the productive sectors at all levels;
  • Facilitating natural resource-based conflict resolution and management initiatives;
  • Promoting environmental management and conservation through support to policy formulation and advocacy;
  • Supporting one health programmes i.e. health of humans, of livestock and of the environment;
  • Supporting water development; sanitation and hygiene promotion and development;

Our services in this sector include:

  • Assessment of small-scale businesses to determine financial and economic sustainability and providing business development services;
  • Supporting Community Based Income Generating Activities and Initiatives through identification of viable models and training IGA groups e.g. in developing business proposals;
  • Supporting and designing IGAs that utilize innovative and appropriate technologies focusing on agriculture and livestock development initiatives;
  • Providing M+E services for small business enterprises in the rural ASAL areas;
  • Promoting markets based on the Market Support Development (MSD) Approach

Services we offer in this sector

  • Designing and implementing participatory Institutional & Organizational Capacity Assessments;
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services for Organizational Effectiveness and Development;
  • Providing Services in Organizational Structure Assessments and Value for Money Audits;
  • Carrying out policy research; policy formulation and support to policy implementation through lobbying and advocacy services

Countries of experience

South Sudan
South Sudan
South Africa